On the 28th of August, the grade 5/6s went to the Grampians for camp. We stayed at Camp Norval. When we arrived, we met some people who worked at the camp. My group’s first activity was the town-walk. In town, we got to buy ice-cream and lots of yummy lollies. For dinner, we had lasagne and wedges, it was delicious. The next day, we got to go canoeing on the lake and I accidentally tipped the canoe! Miss Ramsey, Jacob and I were totally drenched! When we got back to our cabins, we got all cleaned up and then went to do bush-cooking. We made damper, cinnamon apples and banana splits, it was disgusting. Afterwards, we had a go at archery. Only two people in my group actually hit the target, they had awesome aim. That night, we watched Grown Ups in our onesies for movie night. The movie was hilarious, when we looked over at Mr Romeo, he was laughing so hard that his face was red like a tomato! In the morning after breakfast, we went to our first activity for the day. Later, we came back for lunch and that’s when I started to feel butterflies in my stomach because our next activity was high ropes. High ropes is about 12 metres high and you hang on by just a harness and ropes. Luckily, I overcame my fear of heights and leaped off. Later that night, we had Pentland’s got talent, Maggie, Tori, Mia, Mahalia, Amelia-Anne and Audrey won by doing a crazy dance to ‘Baby Shark’. Afterwards, we had the camp disco where there was a lot of funny Fortnight dances. In the morning, we packed everything up, loaded the mini-buses and played at the basketball court until it was time to leave. We said our goodbyes to the camp and headed back home. It was the best camp that I have ever been to!

By Leah Doherty 5/6JW